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One-third of the R437-million in party donations declared to the IEC was made by Durban-born billionaire Martin Moshal and members of the Oppenheimer family.

Zimbabwe heads to the polls on 23 August to elect its president, members of parliament and local councillors. It’s the country’s 8th election since 1990

Nigera’s own statistics bureau says the country has one of Africa’s highest unemployment rates, but the UN’s labour agency says it is lower. Much lower. Here’s why

40% of the registered voters are between 18 and 34. Only five of the presidential candidates are under 50 years old.

Green hydrogen, fixing unreliable coal power plants, and a state of disaster to roll out emergency energy procurement – the president’s plans for the year ahead.

What do we know about the water situation?

A change in leadership affects service delivery, but in an ideal scenario, there would be a clear distinction between the political and bureaucratic spheres.

And how many voters have voted in the elections since 2002?

Municipal managers are the highest-paid bureaucrats in a municipality.

The Outlier Municipality Tracker is updated with the most recent changes in local government.

2021 was a hard year for South Africa. We endured a second year of Covid-19 pandemic restriction and violent protests and looting. So how did President Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address differ from the last 5 SONAs?

All the hung municipalities have formed councils, so now we can see who runs which municipality.

Small parties got more votes this election. Over 1,200 council seats were won by candidates from smaller parties, compared with 500 after the 2016 poll.

The number of municipalities that will be run by coalitions has more than doubled. Is this what the future of local government looks like?

There were 178 by-elections held since the elections in which 79 council seats changed hands.

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