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About 1 in every 4 people living in Gauteng was born in another part of the country.

In South Africa, the murder rate among municipal ward councillors is six times higher than the national rate of 45 murders per 100,000 people

Nigera’s own statistics bureau says the country has one of Africa’s highest unemployment rates, but the UN’s labour agency says it is lower. Much lower. Here’s why

The city is releasing partially treated water back into rivers – and this has health and environmental implications

Joburg Water’s Cydna, Goudkoppies and Northern Works laboratories test the city’s water daily – testing up to 500 samples a month

A clean audit doesn’t guarantee good service delivery, but it is a good start

Property valuations are carried out by the City of Johannesburg every four years, and these determine how much you pay in property tax.

After the local government election in 2021, three of the eight metro municipalities were led by women. Now there is only one.

If your municipality defaults on its debt to Eskom, you can speak to your municipal manager and petition Nersa. You can also seek legal redress or opt-out and install alternative power.

40% of the registered voters are between 18 and 34. Only five of the presidential candidates are under 50 years old.

Green hydrogen, fixing unreliable coal power plants, and a state of disaster to roll out emergency energy procurement – the president’s plans for the year ahead.

And how many voters have voted in the elections since 2002?

Seven months after the local government elections, there have been quite a few changes.

Officially SA mayors should have a maximum of two bodyguards, many have a lot more

2021 was a hard year for South Africa. We endured a second year of Covid-19 pandemic restriction and violent protests and looting. So how did President Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address differ from the last 5 SONAs?

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