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SunScape 2023-11-17
2023-10-09 Dangerous Lows

Is this year’s fire season in the mother city much worse than in previous years? We take a look at the data from the past 10 years to find out.

The majority of the 1,300 energy projects registered with South Africa’s national energy regulator between 2018 and 2023 were below 1MW capacity.

Africa has 60% of the world’s solar potential but generates 2% of the total solar power.

Telling the story of Durban’s 2022 floods was not to document disaster, but rather an investigation into what we can learn from that night

The heavy rains in June 2023 were caused by a series of cold fronts. As more people build homes in high-risk areas flooding is likely to increase

An investigation of how climate change affects coastal cities and how floods in Durban, South Africa, are an example of how such cities can prepare for the future.

Rand Water, the utlity that supplies Joburg with water, should only withdraw 1.6-billion kilolitres a year from the Vaal River System and that has to be shared among 12 municipalities.

In 16 years electric vehicle sales are expected to exceed the sales of petrol and diesel-powered cars.

South Africa has ambitions to become a “world-leading exporter of green hydrogen”.

The hottest temperatures have almost all been in the past 30 years

The mountain’s glaciers have a few more years before they are gone. Scientists say sun radiation, too little snow and rising temperatures all contribute to their disappearance.

While other African countries are taking greater strides compared to South Africa to rely on renewable power even with new renewable plants opening up in SA

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